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yoga & meditation

Our founder & owner, Bahar, teaches yoga and meditation to all levels. Whether a beginner or a veteran practitioner, students will learn how to connect mind, body and spirit on their mats, in order to lead a better life off their mats.

reiki healing & chakra balancing

Bahar is also a Reiki Practitioner studying to become a Reiki Master. Reiki is a powerful healing energy used to heal physical, mental and emotional wounds. By channeling Reiki, Bahar is able to read Chakras, identify blockages and help heal those wounds.

full moon & new moon workshops

Humans have long worked with the moon, some examples include agriculture, calendaring, and understanding the ocean tides. And, despite our addiction to screens, our internal clocks are still affected by the moon, as well. After all, we are mostly water (average adult is 57-60% water), so it only makes sense we would also be connected to the cycles of the Moon. New Moon workshops are wonderful for intention setting and Full Moon for releasing habits and situations that no longer serve us. Depending on the time of year, Bahar will focus on more specific practices surrounding the New or Full Moon.

lunch & learn

It’s no secret that stress has increased in the workplace, leading to unhappy employees and lower productivity. It can be increasingly time consuming for management to pick up the slack and to play the role of therapist. A solution that costs less than taking your team to happy hour and also produces longer lasting results, is to bring wellness into the workplace. Bahar uses holistic approaches to teach how to decrease stress and increase happiness, thereby increasing work productivity. The goal is to teach your community to enjoy work and find calm and clarity amidst their hectic schedules. Topics we can cover include, but are not limited to:

Meditation & Mindfulness

Breathing Techniques

Desk Yoga & Posture

…and more!

Banner photo by Daniel Han.