February 2019 Full Moon Ritual

Here’s the Full Moon Ritual I shared with a class I hosted last night. You may do this ritual tonight, on the night of the Full Moon, or up to 3 days after. I start by explaining why we work with the moon and what makes this full moon specifically special, then offer a ritual.

Why Work With The Moon?

Humans have long worked with the moon, some examples include agriculture, calendaring, and understanding the ocean tides. And, despite our addiction to screens, our internal clocks are still affected by the moon, as well. After all, we are mostly water (average adult is 57-60% water), so it only makes sense we would also be connected to the cycles of the Moon. For the sake of simplicity, I generally work with five phases of the moon: New, Waxing, Full, Waning and Dark. This circle focuses on the Full into the Waning. The Full Moon is a time of celebration, of gathering, of reflecting on all you have achieved thus far under the bright light of the moon. Following the Full Moon is the Waning Moon. This is a time for dispelling problems and eliminating anything that stands in the way of your positive intentions and manifestations. Think of it as a time for getting things in order + cleaning out your closet to make space for the new.

Remember that everything in your life, you are the creator of. We work with the moon, as her gravity pulls us in different ways depending on her phase. New moon means we go inward; we begin again; we build. Full moon means we express gratitude; we share our fruits; then we reassess. It’s a beautiful cycle. If we tune into it, we have the power to create anything. We tap into our own magic and our potential. We are watering the seeds and watching the beautiful flowers of our garden blossom.

What Is Special About This Full Moon?

This is a Super Moon, the second of three in 2019, and the largest. This means the moon is 15% closer to the Earth and shines 30% brighter at its peak. Physics tells us that we are more strongly affected by its gravitational pull. Moonrise will be around 5pm tonight and tomorrow night. That’s the best time to catch the moon looking its biggest.

The moon is also in Virgo, an earth sign, so the focus here is on our physical - what do you need to release to get your home, finances, and physical body in order? Virgos are all about living life in a meaningful and impactful way. We are entering Pisces season, which is all about finding the meaning in what’s happening around you. It’s time to tidy up your life and find your purpose! Remember, there are no limits except the ones we impose on ourselves. So clear out your physical space to make way for limitless possibilities. Mentally, this is a time to challenge your earthly fears and you will strengthen your mind & come into alignment with all your deepest desires. Physically, practice self care. Honor your body. It is your temple. Practice loving yourself, flaws and all. Shower your beautiful body with the light of the moon. Your soul will awaken to your fullest potential.

We just came off the eclipse season, which gave us intense change. Sometimes that change seems scary or even annoying. But know the change is not without a purpose. Take time to sit in the fear or annoyance. Think about what’s happened around you. Know that there are answers in the discomfort. What can you clear out? What does the Supermoon bring under its light for you to examine and perhaps let go of? Work with the strong energy of the moon. It’s going to pull you either way, why not open up with it? Be the part of your own process.

This is a time to release overthinking, repeating thoughts. You may hear them extra loud right now. That’s the universe bringing them to light. The choice is yours whether to let it go. It may be uncomfortable, but that’s how we grow. Face your fears. Learn from the light and the dark.

Suggested Ritual

Journal about what you’d like to release at this full moon. Think specifically about the above - what can you let go of in order to live a more fulfilling life? What is getting in the way of your self care? What fears do you have that keep sneaking up into your mind? Then read your answer to yourself, a trusted friend or group of friends. Writing and speaking these words brings more power to them. Then, mediate on what you are releasing. Visualize yourself letting it go, moving on, becoming more fearless. How do you feel? What do you see? What comes into your space now that there is more of it? Let your imagination create the picture. Trust that this picture is soon to be your reality. When you are ready, come out of the meditation. Now, safely burn the piece of paper as a sign of truly letting it go. Charge your crystals under the light of the moon. Now celebrate & let her beautiful light wash over you.