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Bahar is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Guide, Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur, a Dreamer and a Believer. Her own spiritual journey began on the yoga mat at the age of 15. Through yoga, she was introduced to meditation and Reiki*, and has since used these tools to heal her body, mind, and spirit. Through healing, she has found calm, strength, focus, and presence; all of which have taught her how to create positive habits, creating a happier life. After seeing the positive effects of these practices on her life, she felt a calling to share them with her community. She completed her 200-Hour Power Yoga Certification in the Summer of 2017 and has since taught in studio, private sessions, in corporate offices, at special events and retreats. Bahar began her study of Reiki in the Fall of 2017 and completed her Reiki Mastership in Summer of 2019. Through both certifications, she is also trained in Meditation, Psychic Surgery/Aura Clearing, Physical Healing, Emotional healing, Distance Healing, Soul Healing, Oracle Card Readings, and Crystal Grids. She also studies Moonology and Numerology.

🧡 sacral chakra affirmations 🧡
i am passionate.
i am joyful and full of life’s sweetness.
i am playful.
i am creative. i am a co-creator with the universe.
i am generous and giving, while also being able to easily receive from others.
i am enough. who i am, what i do, and what i have, are all enough.
i embrace pleasure and abundance.
i allow myself to step fully into my sexuality and sensuality.
🧡 your sacral chakra is the seat of your emotions. once we have all we need to survive (🔻root chakra), we start to feel what we want. our emotions move through us like water. our passions begin to stir up waves in the ocean. we feel sensual and sweet. we play. we create, literally in our reproductive organs, and creatively by following our passions. what a sweet place to sit. use these affirmations or a variation of your own if you’re feeling stuck in this area. we must be in tune with our sacral in order to water our seedlings correctly, so they blossom into the beautiful flowers they are meant to be. i’m here if you have any questions or want to talk. 🧡
with love,
📸: @cambriafoden
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Photo by Karli Marie

Photo by Karli Marie

Bahar created Vikasa Wellness to create a holistic wellness community using these services to teach clients how to heal themselves. By empowering people everywhere to heal themselves, we create a ripple effect that heals the world. 

Outside of work, Bahar enjoys live music, traveling and spending time with her family and friends. Prior to starting Vikasa Wellness, Bahar spent 8 years working in representation, TV Development and Public Relations at the following prestigious companies across entertainment and cannabis: Creative Artists Agency (CAA), MTV Networks, TMWRK Management, MDDN and Green Wise Companies. She received her B.S. in Marketing at Pennsylvania State University, where she also spent a semester abroad in Barcelona.

*Reiki is a healing energy in which a practitioner channels in order to heal physical, mental, emotional & emotional wounds.